The Episcopal Church of the Holy Covenant

  • Lent 2014

    • Lent 2014 – March 9, 2014

      Lenton Note – March 9, 2014 You might have noticed a peculiar happening at the end of the service on March 2nd. Our Alleluia banner was taken from the altar, paraded around the sanctuary then “buried” in a small purple box. Now, what was that all about? That little moment marks an ancient practice known [...]

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  • Recent Sermons

    • Live Streaming Church Service June 29, 2014

      Please join Us Sunday June 29, 2014 online for Church at 11AM.   A livestream of the event is available on our livestream page:   Please share with friends and family, and comment on our facebook page:      

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    • If You Love Me

      Do you love me? If you do love me, then feed my sheep. If you love me, obey my commandments. If you love me, show me. Whatever Jesus had asked us to do, he has demonstrated it to us through his own action. Jesus calls on us to live out his commandments, made real in [...]

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  • Spiritual Heroes

    • Gregory of Nazianzus – May 7, 2014

      This week we give thanks for the life and witness of Gregory of Nazianzus. Born about 330 in Nazianzus in Cappadocia (now Turkey), his father was a local bishop. Gregory studied rhetoric in Athens with his friend Basil of Caesarea, and Julian, who later became emperor and tried to stamp out Christianity.In 361, Gregory was [...]

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    • Monnica – April 30, 2014

      This week we give thanks for the life, witness and guidance of Monnica, mother of St. Augustine. Born in Carthage around 331 A.D. to a Christian family almost everything we know about her comes from her son’s great work, The Confessions. She was married to a pagan husband, Patricius, a man of hot temper, who was [...]

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